10 Things OIF Did in 2015

1. Sent 141 students off to college with Optimist International oratorical, essay, and CCDHH scholarships totaling $336,500.

2. Paid out $42,815 on endowments for community projects and scholarships.

3. Paid out $244,198 to Clubs utilizing the Club Campaign program and added an additional $18,001 in interest to Club Campaign funds.

4. Helped 747 Optimists help 10,881 children and their families by awarding 20 Club Grants in every OIF Region.

5. Assisted Clubs in receiving $244,769 in charitable contributions for their own local programs through the Pass Through program.

6. Awarded $365 banner patches to 245 Clubs for their gifts. A total of 424 Clubs made unrestricted gifts, and a total of 480 overall contributed to the Foundation.

7. Helped Fund the Reel Optimism Video contest which supports Club projects that benefit youth in their local communities.

8. Ended the year with 211 donor members to the Women’s Philanthropy Council, which will fund two scholarships and two Club grants in 2016.

9. Assisted Clubs in donating $20,812 in charitable contributions to their own local Childhood Cancer organizations and hospitals.

10. Helped fund program of Optimist International.