$365 Club Giving

For All OUR Kids!

By donating today, your Club can join others in the mission to “Help Optimists Help Kids!” Give $365 unrestricted and earn this year’s Club banner patch!

Download the 365 Club Form

3 Services provided to the Club

  • Club Grant Program
  • Pass Through Program
  • Club Campaign Fund


6 Reasons to donate $365 to OI

  • Awarded 20 grants to Clubs yearly since 2010 for new charitable projects.
  • Pays 3% simple interest on Club Campaign Funds.
  • All Club services are at no cost to Clubs.
  • Clubs giving at least $365 unrestricted can cast one vote in the OIF board election.
  • Provide Clubs with Honor, Memorial, and Veteran patches as well as dollar per member patches.
  • Meets the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance Standards for charitable accountability


5 Ways to Collect $365

  • Ask every Member to donate $1 a week
  • Hold a fundraiser specifically for OIF
  • Create a “Fines” jar for each meeting, charging a quarter per offense (swearing, tardiness, absences)
  • Auction off unwanted household items (clothes, furniture, appliances)
  • Ask your Club Treasurer to work the $365 into the budget