Club Campaign Fund

Download the Club Campaign Fund Guidelines and Application


  1. Purpose of the funds must be charitable and must support literary, educational or charitable programs of the Club.
  2. Currently 3% simple Interest.
  3. Fund must be established for a minimum of three (3) months before withdrawal may be processed.
  4. Maximum fund balance is unlimited.
  5. Minimum fund balance of $500 before a withdrawal may be requested.
  6. Minimum withdrawal from fund is $500.
  7. Withdrawals are requested in writing by the Club Campaign contact person. The principal is paid out first before the Interest.
  8. To meet auditor’s requirements, request for withdrawal must be in writing and match the charitable purpose for which the fund was established.
  9. This campaign is separate from all Optimist International Foundation programs and no prior contributions may be attributed to the Club Campaign Fund.
  10. Contributions must be designated by the Donor on check or attached paperwork for the Club Campaign Fund at the time of remittance.
  11. Please make check payable to Optimist International Foundation.
  12. The funds are restricted for Club’s Campaign Fund only.
  13. No Individual or Club recognition is given for Club Campaign gifts.

Advantages to Clubs

1. Contributors can make tax-deductible gifts to Optimist International Foundation designated for local Club projects and programs.
2. Quarterly report from Optimist International Foundation.
3. Means to accumulate funds for a special program or project.
4. Means to attract funds from outside of membership.

Advantages to OIF 

A way to assist Clubs in obtaining tax-deductible donations to support local projects and programs


Download the Club Campaign Fund Guidelines and Application