William H. Harrison Society

The Optimist International Foundations introduced the William H. Harrison Society in 2001. The organization is named after the first Optimist International President, William H. Harrison, whose drive and determination helped propel Optimist International into a premier service organization. The Foundations’ Boards of Directors created this Society as a special way to recognize the Major Donors of the Foundations.

To become a Member of the Society, life-to-date giving to the Optimist International Foundations must be $10,000 or more. Annual contributions of $1,000 are required to maintain Membership in the Society.

Members of the Society will be invited to attend a recognition dinner with the Foundations’ Boards of Directors at the International Convention. The Donor is automatically in the Society when meeting below criteria.


  1. Donor must have a life-to-date of $10000 and contribute $1000 annually to the Foundation.
  2. Not a pledge program; the Member must have contributed the actual dollars to become a Member.
  3. Members of the Society are invited to a recognition dinner with the OIF/OIFC Boards of Directors at the International Convention.
  4. Must continue to contribute $1000 annually to remain a Member.
  5. Members receive a ribbon noting their Membership in Society to be worn with Convention badge.

William H. Harrison Society Members

As of September 30, 2013
William and Shizuko Able
Gary W. Addison
Don L. Arnwine
Melvin D. Bannister
Pauline S. Benson
Melvin and Rita Betts
Patricia B. Beuoy
Robert and Carol Buss
Robert and Donna Buswell
T. Don and Deborah Crall
Cecil B. Cunday
Teri L. Davis
Steven J. Duben
John and Cheryl Dyvig
Billy and Janis Edgerton
Edwin and Jo-Ann Finn
Theodore F. Gaffin
Charles A. Gardner
Robert and Toni Garner
Steven D. Gorrell
Ronald Graves
Esthermarie Hillman
James and Sherry Hubbard
William H. Kastens
Marc D. Katz
Donna Keating
Douglas G. Kirby
Harold J. Kitzmann
Susan Kranz
Robert and Alice Kuzniak
Leland Lemaster
Thomas and Janet Lloyd
Minnie L. Malloy
Harry J. Margo
Barbara Mabee
Todd B. McMillin
William and Linda Meyers
Rebecca and Mike Mona
Kenneth and Stephanie Monschein
Karen E. Monville
Edward and Carol Murphy
Janet D. Oord Graves
Richard J. Plocica
Bertha Price
Richard F. Price
Frank P. Remillard
Danny Rodgers
Frank and Susan Ruman
Michael H. Russell
David and Kathy Schmitt
Stephen and Ann Schuneman
Mark Shriver
Don and Anita Sievers
William Stone
William H. Teague
Roger C. Vaughan
Al and Alma Vinson
Wilton Wilkinson
James B. Young