Club Recognition

Announcing the New OI Foundation Website

We are proud to unveil our new and improved website for Optimist International Foundation. Our hope is to have a place that will be informative and interactive. We want to share with our many friends and supports the Optimist story and the role OIF places in making dreams a reality.

    The key improvements to the new website;
  • A more user-friendly format; allowing greater access to OIF information
  • Improved design for easier navigation around the site
  • Telling the OIF story better.
  • How together we impact kids far and wide
  • Links to important partners such as OI and CCOF, plus our social media sites
  • We are not done yet. We will be fine-tuning this site over the coming weeks/months to insure we are delivering the information our many supporters and volunteers need.

    Craig Boring

    2016-17 Executive Director, OI Foundation